Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Changing Mindsets

This small story, is something which I would like to keep reminding myself time and again. Hence I decided to blog this, lest I would forget the same.

In the given context, I had an conversation with a colleague of mine, who is known to be different, more so from a negative sense. That quick conversation irritated me so much, that for the rest of the day, I could hardly work properly.

After going for numerous rounds of tea, I casually walked over to another colleague of mine and shared about the recent conversation that I had. He didn't sound surprised. He knew my other colleague more than me. He simply gave a tip, which I would probably remember for the rest of my life. He simply told me to accept that person the way he is. Some people are born like that and that cannot be changed. The traits and attributes, which one learns later in life can be changed, but not the ones, which one is born with. So accept him the way he is. And the only reason I should be really surprised, should be , if the person I mentioned, acts good. And it would definitely be a pleasant surprise.

So the moral of the story was that, dont get upset with the behaviour of other persons. They will not change. Accept them the way they are, and if the attitude is beyond correction, remember that, they are sick with that disease and can only pray that, they get well soon. Nothing beyond that.

That indeed gives a lot of peace.. In just accepting others the way they are...and not thinking of them as wrong. Difficult , but possible.