Saturday, January 19, 2013


Just a thought came in - We all have patterns in which we think and the way we do and implement things. Not sure I can and am capable to get into the details.. but just thought to have my random thoughts documented. Its more linked with my experiences especially with my writing and photography.

When we were kids, I still remember that we were given books to practice the alphabets, with dotted cursive handwriting, if I can say so. So the entire class or for that matter whoever used those set of books always would draw the alphabets in the same cursive manner, and consequently we all should theoretically  have the same handwriting. But then studies show that, no two handwriting's are same. The inference here is that, we are all taught to 'copy' when we are all young, still, each of us, has his/her own individuality.

There was a time when I used to copy the pictures from the famous photographers and try and click the same whenever I see a similar composition. But then , when my friend, Deepak Dwivedi, (who is currently working in the film industry), saw my pics, he could see a pattern in them and also the fact that, there is something in those pictures, which says that, those are clicked by me.
Recently when he read my blog and read what I do write, he again could find a similarity , rather a relation of pattern in my photography and my writing. But to be frank, I havent been able to find the similarity between these two fields for my work. But studying the underlying facts of handwriting analysis, there should always be something unique of a person in whatever he does. The patterns should match.... and that reflects one's self..

When one listens to music composed by RD Burman, one can easily make out that the composition is done by him and also that of many musicians. Today as I was writing this blog, was listening to a concert which was organised after the demise of the great Jagjit singh, and many renowned singers tried to sing his ghazals. But no, no one could even come close to what the master has sung.....


Mak said...

Nice read. Surprising but true that you stated about the handwriting.
Agree about your view on hunan patterns Prasad.
Good to meet you at the indibloggers meet :)