Monday, December 19, 2011

50 Years of Goa Liberation

Something which I havent been kept track off, for a long time. Its a mere coincidence that I am in Goa now, during the 50th anniversary of Goa Liberation. To come to think of it, it was the day, when finally all the europeans finally left the country. Even though the english held most of the Indian subcontinent, it was the portuguese who had come first and left the last. Its due to this long existence of Portuguese for over 450 years that , even today you find such a strong flavour of these heritage here in Goa. The architecture, the food habbits and even the government operations have a flavour in it. Goa was the first UT/State which had the mandatory rule that every wedding should be registered first.

Todays news papers were flooded with information as to what had happened during the Operation Vijay, which gave Goa the liberation after such a long ruling by the Portuguese.
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