Monday, August 22, 2011

Krishna's Birthday

Second long weekend in a row, but the first one that we could enjoy a bit compared to the one last weekend.
All thanks to this Muralidhar, I could really relax a bit today and enjoy an extended sleep. Its always a different type of holiday that makes a difference to your sleep pattern rather than the regular sunday and saturday.
Its a different feeling to wake up on a monday morning, only to realise that you are one of the few lucky ones who dont have to go to office today while there are tons of them still on the way. That small edge makes you all the more happy :)
My sister had to go to office today, so I went to drop her off to her office, knowing that , thats the only way, I will endup having an early bath.
On the way back, I wanted to finish off a long pending task, ie to repair my music system. I called up Just dial and then got a call from one of the service centers in Indiranagar, and they promised to pick up the system by noon. Though they came but a little late. He found out the issues and got all the problems noted down and has promised to get it fixed in 3 days time. Just waiting to get it back all fine and working. I long to hear the casettes and the CD's on that system. It just feels great to listen to music a proper music system rather than the car stereo and laptop.

The evening was completed by cleaning up a few corners in the house which needed a long due cleanup. Two big garbage bags were filled up in no time. It just makes you feel good to see all the unwanted stuff go out.

The next big item on my list to clean up, which I know would be very difficult is the books. There are tons of books in my house and mostly all of them read atleast once. I dont feel like giving up for free nor to throw them out. Am looking to sell some of them to a seconds dealer, and mostly I will join a library rather than buy new books. Its too much of an overhead to maintain them.

Feels like a good day and lot of work done in a day, especially most of the long pending works.
It just feels good and lighter...
Next in line is to clean my camera lenses and the camcorders :)


P U R E S T H E A R T said...

Please don't sell your books, will preserve them, send it to me, will buy at marked price,I know the value of each page that you have turned.