Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nothing like home

Been a week since I reached back my abode. And a feel good factor to reach home on the day you were born. Little perks like getting wished on the birthday 37000 above the sea is something that I experienced for the first time :) The first couple of days were spend just by getting over the jet lag, or more so to getting over the tiredness gathered over the few weeks.
Once I reached home, I looked for the book that I had booked online, ie Chanakya's Chant.  Nice and a very gripping book. Definitely worth a read, I will write a review in a seperate post later though. Also, just before coming back to India from warsaw, we made a quick little trip to Berlin. I simply loved that trip and thoroughly enjoyed the same. The weather definitely helped us and couldnt have asked for more.

One more day to go, before I have my much awaited vacation for a very long time. Plan to just relax and get back some of the lost energy and peace lost over the past few months. I am quite sure that sleep would be a huge part of this break :)