Friday, February 04, 2011

Be yourself

Its not easy to chose the Title of a blog, especially when there is no particular topic that you want to write. And somehow, I dont have an habit of writing a blog, and based on the content to chose an appropraite title. Today managed to get something decent.
Over the past 5 years that I have been writing on this blog, am not really sure how many people really follow my blog. But I do get around 30 odd visits every week even when I dont write a new blog. Which means that either there are people who follow, or it does come in the search engines. Not bad though, for someone is only doing it as a hobby.
Today, in the office, when it was past 6 pm, I decided to listen to some of the old songs on the net. Just searched the web for the same and got a huge list. Clicked on the first one which I kind of felt familiar. And guess what, it was one of my  favourite song long long time ago. And every song, most likely has some place, event or a person attached, and then we go back to those days and relive those moments. When I heard this song today, which was a Kannada song, I remembered the days in my native place, when we used to be there for all the vacations. The very first day of any vacation, we would reach there and especially during the wedding season, we would hear most of these songs. Some songs just get etched into your minds and wouldnt mind going back to that moment and probably in reality.
This was one thought that was lingering into my mind the whole evening today after a mentally tiring day in office. "Is what we are doing really worth it?" Don't know the answer, as every part of your life, you would want to do only  what you cannot do or like to have what you don't have. So my mind would most likely move into that direction what I am deprived the most.
Today when I am away from home and home food I am just looking forward for it, But once I reach into that zone, it would lose its value. So what do we really do to keep oneself satisfied. Well, then the question is to be satisfied or always to be looking for something new and different. And thats the fine line that divides one's thoughts and the actions that would it ultimately follow.
Another option would be just be yourself and just do what you want to do. But that again has a drawback. You get bored of chosing your own options and sometimes, though we dont really like it, its easy to do when someone asks us to do something and we dont have much of a choice. One simple example is your work place. But that's what I like the most. Its always great to be in a place where one is not comfortable, or rather to be out of your comfort zone, as thats the only thing that will make you look forward for the next day and thats the only time,looking back, you will feel that, it was not wasted
I know this is heavy. But I thought I will write this one today. Not sure, whether I was clear in this write up, but I will not change and review it today again. Sometimes, things in raw are the best and the depth of the feeling only remains in it.
Looking for a challenging day tomorrow.