Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tata Crucible

It was another sunday spent well. Another afternoon spent participating a great quiz, and then more importantly seeing the Bangalore finals.

I reached the St John's Auditorium much earlier than I thought, but I wanted to be since I hadnt registered myself for the quiz. So on-spot was the only option and didnt want to take any chance.

The prelims finally started only at 4, and had 25 nerve racking questions, probably I got only 5 of them correct. Good enough for my preparation and my calibre :)
In the finals of the TATA track, there were 5 teams from TITAN's which has qualified and one from TATA elxsi . I thought that it would be the clash of the TITAN's but then in a remarkable feat, it was the TATA elxsi which won the finals, and yes 3rd time in a row at Crucible. I could see one team which had won previously many crucibles, just missing out this time.

In the non TATA track, it was Yahoo India, the defending champion which was leading from the beginning, but was given a tough fight by the closely following HSBC. Though HSBC team answered most of the TOUGH question's it was finally the defending champions, who kept the trophy again.

The IBM team kept thinking  and the Wipro Team which was Applying Thought  couldnt do much. The Onmobile team couldnt do well even in the Mobile related questions :)

The winners in each Track won a cash prize of 75k and runners pocketed a cool 35k.

But my winner in this quiz was Tata Elxsi, who single handedly won the quiz. Hope he wins the All India Quiz.