Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Day

It was just another day. But to quite an extent a special one. The FIFA world cup just started yesterday with both the first day matches ending in a draw. I am supporting Uruguay this time. Simply because, I just loved that place and the people out there, and more importantly the love for the game.  I guess that in the whole of South America, the people are crazy about football, much more than other places.
Today I was playing around the blogs template was thinking of changing the same. Tried out some experiments on my test blog and they worked out well. But unfortunately they dont have the exact same configurations as that of the actual blog. Hence quite skeptical about changing the same. Am having serious thoughts of shifting over to wordpress for once, but yet to take the final decision. Something is still stopping me.

Just finished reading a couple of books off late, but didn't have the patience to write the reviews. One was of Rashmi Bansal again, this time the book was called "Connecting The dots" again a excerpt of Steve Jobs famous speech. And this time the stories are similar as that of the first book "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" ,  but they are not the IIM guys. That's makes this book different and somehow more connecting than the first book. While talking about this book to my colleague in office, he realised that one of the stories in the book is that of his close friend, and his  name is also indirectly mentioned in the book. He was quite happy seeing his reference in the book, after all who wouldn't, especially, when the book itself talks of the achievements and success stories.
Another book that I finished reading was "And there By Hands a Tale"  by Jeffrey Archer. Its a small book with a nice collection of 15 stories and also includes a story based out of India. Its a nice book, but can't say its the best among his short stories. My favourite among all his short stories is "A twist in the tale". But nevertheless its a good book to read.
Am currently reading my long pending book Shantaram  and also The Maruti Story.  Both the books are great. Guess will take some time to finish them.
Will keep the reviews coming as soon as I am done.:)