Monday, April 05, 2010

People around you

Its amazing how you meet different people and how they help you. I had two different experiences in the two non-english speaking countries that I have been. Last one was Uruguay and now in Poland. I wouldnt want to mention of India here, just to get the perspective right.
In Montevideo, in the meditation center, I ended up meeting with many people and since I was from India, they had a lot of respect for me. It was a great feeling. They even took me to a near by place. I remember it very clearly, and 4 of us went in a nice Honda Civic, to Piriya Polis. A neighbouring town of Montevideo. The interesting part of that was , I hadnt met any of them before and with all full faith I went along with them as if we knew each other for ages. It was only because we are part of the same greater family. One brother from Brazil, One from Uruguay, One from Paraguay and finally me from India. It was such a pleasure going with all of them and learning so many new things. I am sometimes amazed how these things happen.

Now here in Warsaw, I ended up meeting a friend, well, not a friend until I met her. Only link was that we are from the same college and we had never met there. Its only because of social networking site that we got to know each other and now she makes sure that I see all the right places, gives me all the directions to go to important places. How can I ever repay back .

Its simply beautiful experiences like these that makes one feel good have a positive frame of mind ...
Thanks a lot for everything