Thursday, March 11, 2010

A new Beginning

10th March 2010.
Some days are etched in your minds forever. Today could be one such day. The abundance yet the lack of people around you makes one feel the depth of relationships one has over the years. Got lots of calls and messages from all across the world today just to wish me, yet there was no one person who could do it in person. Feels strange at times. Are these the times of our future. Is internet everything? Facebook seems to have changed the way we keep in touch. The person next door is far of from a person who is literally 7 seas away.

Reached Warsaw a week back. Last week this time I had just come back from Mt Abu, recharging my batteries which are needed to survive a full year ahead. This time, the urge to go to Mt Abu was not much, but somehow I  end up reaching there every year. Meeting the people out there makes you feel so good and there is so much to do in our lives, especially when it comes to helping others. And one flight away from there, and then you are back into this iron age. Just like the lotus flower, even though being in dirty water, still manages to maintain its sancity is what I learnt in practice. This will help me a lot. I know it for sure. Its so weird that when you have realised that there is not much take away from one thing, and of all the things in the world you get what you want the most.

Reading the book " I am another you", by Priya Kumar, made me think of life in a different manner. The problems faced by everyone are quite similar,its the intensity that differs and the gravity of the impact on a given person. The rest remains the same. I would suggest it to be read by everyone. Especially those who think all the problems in the world are only with them. Priya connects to everyone sharing her problems and how each of them are similar to other's problems and how she came to terms with them , through a spiritual course which she goes through.

Waiting for a new day and looking for new things to learn every day.