Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Against your religion!

It was an year ago, when I was in Montevideo, Uruguay, I had been to a meditation center. It was pretty cold and every would sit on the chairs and meditate. Being a meditation center, one was supposed to keep your footwear outside the hall. Then something caught my eye... The lady in the row diagonally ahead of me was resting her feet on the book she was carrying. It was quite convenient to keep the book on the floor and keep her feet warm.
For a person like me from India, where books are considered sacred, no matter what kind of book it is, we don't touch it by our feet. When I saw her, it looked very weird to me. But to come to think of it practically, it was a very convenient solution. And why shouldn't be a lifeless object like a book, shouldn't be touched by feet.
I was disturbed at that sight... which only means my meditation was not at all upto the mark and was concentrating something other than meditation.

Its nice to find faults in others, but difficult to find in one self.