Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Good Day :)

14th January, 2010
Happy Sankranti to all of you. Happens to be the first blog of this year, though its been 14 odd days in this new decade.
Today itself has been a good start to the day to begin with. Managed to wake up early on a holiday and went for a good game of badminton with a old friend. There is nothing like meeting up with old friends and talking for hours over any topic in the world. Boys being boys, end up talks on finance and cars, and it was good to talk on those areas, just standing by our vehicles and chatting :)
Remember the days when we would do the same on cycles and bikes. Its just that we keep graduating to bigger things, but still find the goodness in the simplicity of the old ones and love them.
One interesting fact that I learnt today from him. He comes from a leading financing company, and as per the stats, the least defaulters on auto loans, are buyers of Honda City and the most number of defaulters are buyers of Mahindra Scorpio. After a bit of thought I kind of got the answer as to why :)
The new year has been good and eventful so far. Work front has been good, and with the start of new year, new ideas come into mind while setting the goals for the new year.
Learning a new softwares has always been a hobby, and with every passing day, it feels good that there are still new things to learn and develop.

Was reading Thej's blog this morning and found a nice interview which he setup with the founders of Latlong. Please find the link of the same here. I guess somewhere down there, NRN does inculcate people to do things differently. Still I do find people who just don't love to be in his company. I keep wondering why.

I havent really got about writing my movie review's of 3 idiots, more because I was lazy than the fact that it wasn't really needed, as an Aamir Khan movie, from a writer like Chetan Bhagat, nothing more needed to be told. The movie definitely was a great one and probably one of the best. I didnt like the mud slinging that happened over the media from the writer and the producers of the movie, nevertheless, All is Well that ends well.

Thats all for now. Hope you have a nice long weekend, with tomorrow being a historic Solar Eclipse.