Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tumhari Amrita

Its always a rare opportunity to see a live play. On top of that, if the cast is of the likes of Shabana Azmi and Farookh Shaikh, then its a lifetime opportunity. Last Friday was one such day.
"Tumhari Amrita" is a play which I have heard from ages, but never though that I would get a chance to see it. Thanks to Times of India and Bangalore Festival, I was able to enjoy it. Held at Jnana Jyoti Auditorium, which is known for its wonderful acoustics, the sound quality and lighting was beautiful.
This play has probably one of the simplest of the set. Just two tables and two chairs and they just read letters. Thats it. But one of the best.
The couple start writing to each other for 35 years. Religion and politics come in between them and they continue to keep in touch for the rest of their lives and keeping the other person updated with everything. Right from wishing each other for a diwali or a Eid, or their respective birthdays, they dont miss a single event.
Zulfi, who was destined to enter politics, does it big and thats another bottleneck, which keeps them far off from each other. Their love for each other never comes down.

In short, it brings out how the caste and society as a whole has an impact on a indian. And how does one end up suffering due to others views.

The actors having a class of their own, very dramatically read the letters and in a manner that actually brings tears to your eyes.
One of the best plays ever seen by me.


Onkar Bhat K said...

Hey Prasad,

Your post made me feel I really missed something...I hope I get to catch this play some day :)