Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Satyam Employee Shot Dead in US

The news channels seem to be streaming news of the Satyam Mega Scam. When I called in to my friend who is currently in US to ask about his wherabouts, he was in a bigger shock. One of his colleagues was shot dead by a most likely serial killer.
The serial killer apparently killed another person in a short period and still is at large.

Apparently he was mugged for cash, but since he didnt have enough money, he was shot in the foot and then bled to death. He was hospitalised for a day or so before he succumbed to injuries. His parents didnt have a passport , and hence couldnt travel. I understand that the body will be sent to India on Friday [ 16th Jan 2009]

Definitely not a great year for Saytamites


Radha Krishna said...

Apparently, he happens to be one of my friends. Could you please keep posting the updates.