Saturday, October 18, 2008

A silent saturday

After quite some time, Tendulkar's advertisements are pick of the lot today, as I scan through the channels. Its not everyday in your life that you see a batsman scoring 12000 runs in test. It was a treat to see Ganguly playing with such finesse in his last series of his life, while Dhoni giving him good company. The cricket match between India and Australia couldnt keep me glued to the NEO sports channel for long. I see that the love for cricket seem to be dwindling over the passage of time. All that matters is who won and who played good.
Malgudi Days has been the only program which has made me stick to the channel till the end. The good old DD 1 programs have a charm of their own which none of the current channel seem to have. I still love that channel. Almost all the programs which would once upon a time would come on DD have been aired on other channels now. But I am still waiting for "Wagle Ki Duniya" and "Nukkad".
Unlike a typical october, its been raining, rather drizzling out here. Its a nice weather to lie on the bed, sip a cup of tea and write this blog. Planning to host some photos on this blog, might attract some more adsense revenue. While the irritating calls from country club , TATA AIG have managed to keep me in the not so good mood. I guess taking the policy from TATA AIG was an bad idea after all. The customer service is pathetic beyond words. I guess something comparable to Reliance and Citibank, who never lose out the bottom most places in the ranking.

The markets have plunged to new lows now, breaching the 10000 mark. Good time to gradually start investing. I am still thinking which stocks to start pick up. I have already started with couple of SIP's in Mutual Funds. I am really not sure why people have started to invest in Gold now, especially when they are at their all time high. I guess people like to buy only whats going up, not realising that what goes comes down also. Doesnt the simple common sense to buy at the lows make sense to anyone? Well thats the so called risk factor I guess and people like to move with the tide and not against it.
I love to move against the tide.

Moving on the books, I just completed one more book of Calvin and Hobbes. I still have one more to complete, before I start buying new ones. Apart from that I am also reading Business @ The speed of Thought by Bill Gates. Will put the reviews of the same soon. I still have a pile of PG Wodehouse books to finish .. am pressed for time..

Please let me know if any good book you have read recently .