Thursday, October 09, 2008

Book Review: Go Kiss the World

Author : Subroto Bagchi
Pages : 235
Price :399 INR

The high I get after reading a book like Autobiography of Lee Iacocca, and the High Performance Entrepreneur , it was the same feeling today when I finished through the last pages of "Go Kiss the world". 

If the first book of Sobroto Bagchi, was how to build an ethical profitable company like Mindtree, this book is about how to build you as a person. Initially while reading the book, I thought that this book didnt quite match up to the first book. But then I was proved wrong. As the book reached its end, it just became more and more touching and knowledgeable. I must add that I just love his writing style now, and whats even more important is the simplicity. 

The last few chapters are worth reading again and again in your life, and I am sure that each time you would learn something new or an answer you would be looking for. 

I personally liked the section on Mid Life Crisis. Its something which I havent read anywhere and I could relate to the same very much. Probably most of my questions were answered through that small chapter.

I dont think that anyone should miss reading this book. If you are not a regular reader, atleast the last few chapters in the book are a must for those who want to become a better person.

Thanks a lot for this lovely book.
Though the cost of the book is 399/- its worth a lot lot more.