Monday, September 22, 2008

Interesting Day today

Its been a day of mixed reactions for me. But at the end of the day today, I was enlightened in more than one way. Too many news. The TV news told me that Google Phone is going to be launched tomorrow. WOW! Simply pure competition to Iphone. Does that mean that the cost of Iphone is going to come down soon. Definitely !!! What will the people who bought the phone at 30k feel .. Well no words to describe that. But we will feel it for sure.

Still living in the high of watching "Rock on" movie yesterday, suddenly my days in manipal have been refreshed.. I think KD just represents KPK from the college days .. I must say, its a must watch movie. No two ways about it.

The latest version of the India Today magazine which lands in my house every sunday or monday taught me a few new things. Though was aware, made things a bit more clearer. The Real Estate market is in very bad shape. But the builders are still not losing hope. They are waiting for the market to grow again and trying to hold on till then. The small time builders are the ones who will eventually suffer, like most of the cases. So whats the key to buyers like us. I would say dont buy now. No matter what. The Interest rates are bad. The economy is bad. Jobs are in danger. I dont see any thing positive in investing now. Unless your have ready cash and getting a great deal in such markets [ Bargained, thats the word I would like to use ] With time, these builders and also for the Banks will have no option but to reduce the rates. That will be the ideal time, unless you get a raw deal.

The Bihar situation is reall bad. Spare that lavish dinner and donate that 500/- Rs to the Bihar Relief fund. I dont say it will defnitely reach those people. But then we cant just sit and do nothing also. It does hurt your self concious.

The days coming ahead are bad in all respects. Recession, bad economy, rising costs in basic essentials. Mother nature has beared it all, and its time we pay back and this time we have to do it the hard way. All I would say is, be good. Genuinely by heart. Its the need of the hour. Nothing else. And spread postive vibrations.