Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I liked this thought

Humility helps us maintain good relationships with others.


When involved in something that we are doing, we naturally come
into contact with a lot of people. We sometimes find that we are
not able to get along with certain people. We find it very
difficult to maintain a good relationship with them and finally
avoid dealing with them all together.


The first thing to do is to avoid thinking that we cannot get along
with someone because of their personality. When we remove this
first block in our mind we will be able to see the good in all. We
will no longer think that we are here to teach them but will humbly
learn whatever we can from them.

I guess its worth trying it out


Anonymous said...

just perfect, and admittedly concur with the solution provided.
am here from 'lifeingoa' . happened to read the comments there. too vile.
why do ppl jump to conlusions?