Saturday, September 13, 2008

And Calvin gets surprised...

It was 8th September, and our dearest Calvin decides to give a present to his wife Susie Derkins on her Birthday.

Calvin after a hard days work[remember the childhood days when his wise cracks regarding working hours would get on to his dad] , went to the neighbouring Mall ,Forum, to buy a brand new Silver Ipod from the Apple Store. After shuffling a lot with the IPod Shuffles, he settles down to an IPod. Spaceman spiff [Calvin's other avatar] well aware of the the different tricks that the aliens from the other planet have, due to his number of trips to alien land, is extremely careful during the entire process.

Yes, at times knowing too much can be a pain and you need to spend more time rather than usual. He earlier believed in the philosophy "Ignorance is bliss" until he learnt it the hard way.

After carefully collecting all the deliverables, Spaceman spiff walks out of the prestigious mall, to battle with the inter galactic space ships. Not that it was easy, but the thought of surprising Susie made the distance longer than it is. Spaceman Spiff understands the laws that govern relativity more than other ordinary mortals.

But little did he know that his best friend, Hobbes, [now working at the Apple Store] , who had unwillingly become the part of the G.R.O.S.S club decides that its the time for revenge. Spaceman Spiff , in his conquest to get all the things right , had rightfully put in Susie's phone number , and not his, she being the rightful owner.

Hobbes decides to take the maximum mileage of this oppurtunity. It was revenge time,something which he had learnt from Calvin himself. Hobbes makes a call to Susie and amicably tells her that Calvin has left the receipt of the IPod in the store itself.

"Mission accomplished"

Susie is suddenly delighted on the very thought that Calvin has actually bought a gift for her. Little did she know that the phone call had taken away the element of surprise.

Calvin, lands at his abode, takes off his space suit and gets more surprised than her.Not trusting his memory this time, he checks for the receipt . Its in his pocket !!!

Characters in real life
Vikram DV Calvin/Spaceman Spiff
Shubham[Vikrams Wife ] Susie


Unknown said...

Thank you very much for advertising my epic fail to the entire world. You are one true friend. Ass!!

Unknown said...

PS: Google search for "Vikram DV" has this blog as the 4th result. :|

Prasad said...

Thanks so much for the comment DV :)
So now you are famous ..

Suhas M Mallya said...

Happy Birthday, Susie and WAY TO GO, HOBBES! :D

Anonymous said...

This is a real story Man!!!