Sunday, September 28, 2008

Book Review: Sand To Silicon

Book : Sand to Silicon
Author : Shivanand Kanavi

A book scripting down the history of the Semiconductors from the inception till date to the Information technology days. What I liked the most is the due credit given to the people in shaping this industry, mainly in India. I had no clue that so many Indians are actually instrumental in whatever technology we are enjoying today.
The sad part is that we Indians don't appreciate their contributions and they are known more by the people abroad, especially US.
Apart from this, this book is quite technical in nature. Since I am having the background in Electronics and Communication, it wasn't a heavy reading for me. But for those not having any technical background, would find it boring and not comprehensible.

Good book to read for those interested in knowing the Indians who have had global contributions. Histories and contributions of the whose who are given in detail. The Initiatives done by Tata's to that of Sam Pitroda are worth a read.

I did have a good refresh of what I had learnt in my 4 years of engineering and then comparing to what how exactly I am not using it.


Anonymous said...

patrao your blog has changed dont leave it with the name daily blues it is all multicolored and multi faceted. name it something bright and colorful :)

Prasad said...

Thanks dude, May I know who is this ?
Infact , the same thoughts were running in my head this morning. Thanks for complementing my thinking :)