Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

The Beijing Olympics inauguration ceremony was simply awesome. No real words to describe this event. Showcasing this event, China has proved that they are not someone they can be ignored. They made a statement in the ceremony and how powerful they are technologically and how disciplined they are. With the discipline they had showed , they will very soon over take India in the only field which we were ahead of them ie fleuency of English Language. I do remember Dr S Sadagopan , Dir Of IIIT Bangalore, almost 4 years ago, saying that the Chinese are so disciplined that they have taken a stance that every athelete who comes for the prestigious games, will be spoken to in English right from the time they get off at the Airport till they leave. When I told this to one of my friend who had been to China, ridiculed me to that fact, saying that its impossible, knowing the level of English they knew. He had to actually enact the flying of the Aeroplace to tell the Taxi driver that he wanted to go to the Airport. Well this was standard then. I am not sure whats the state now, but I am sure that this must be true by now.

If on a given timeline, we had to improvise on the quality of the Olympic Games, it shouldnt have reached this level. They have moved it ahead by an decade. London has definitely felt the pinch of this and now expectation from them has been increased drastically. Can they even match up to the Chinese, given the fact that they still have 4 years with them ? Only history will tell this. But in the next two years time, ie in 2010 we will be hosting the Common Wealth Games in New Delhi ? Can we match to them even to a fraction of Beijing Games. Apparently after the inauguration of the games, all the participants ie above 10,000 were being shifted to the Olympic Village in flat 50 min. Can we even dream of this ? First of all we need to change our thinking. The Chinese have thought of doing which didnt even strike us. And not just thinking they have showed it to the world.
Lets see whats in store ?
Either we will see the results or hear the excuses .