Monday, July 23, 2007

Jobs in danger

Reading todays headlines in the newspaper wasnt all that good to start a monday morning..
With the rising Rupee and the weakening Dollar, the companies are facing huge losses.
Imagine with the same billing rates , the conversion is getting lower , and to maintain the same Indian salaries isnt a great news for most of the IT and BPO companies.

If these further continues, these companies are looking for other options to maintain the
profitability. Some have chose to make employees to work on saturday and hence increase the billing hours. Some have decided not to increase the salaries in the future etc etc..

Whatever be the case, we should first be aware that as long as the companies that we work in are profitable, then no issues to our jobs. else sooner or later we all need to pay a price for that..
The BPO industry will probably be hit first as most.
Are we all ready to see the negative impact of the whole IT economy ??