Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Ripple Effect

Try this experiment today. Enter the office with a straight face (not too straight). As you meet others who have a similar kind of straightness on their face, force yourself to smile. Then watch the other person return the smile - perhaps not to the same extent or for so long, or absolutely immediately - but it will return. This is the absolute and often instant proof of the 'ripple and reflect effect'. You get back whatever you put out. We know this, but we forget, and then wonder why everyone seems to give us a straight face, even a grumpy face, on a regular basis. Now learn to make the smile more real, deeper, smilier! Where does a real smile begin? From the heart. Can you smile at will from the heart? Why not? You need to find out soon, because you will live an unsmiling life if you don't find out what is stopping your heart reaching your face! No one else is responsible - there's only you in there! So don't go blaming others if you are not radiating from head and heart. What's blocking it? Take your time. Look in, listen in and see. You'll be surprised. You'll probably laugh. And say, "How silly!"