Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My New Birthdate

3rd October, 2006
I got am sms from Airtel, wishing me for my birthday. I was clueless. Just ignored that it must have been a mistake, and forgot about it. Its not the first time that I have messges meant for others.
Later on, when I read the sms again, I was wondering as to why they sent it to me.
I just happened to see the time stamp of the message.
It read 03/10/2006. The number looked familiar to me.. yes. My birthday is on 10th march.
ie 10/03 and today was 03/10 :-)
Just an interchange between the date and month. Guess these ppl started to follow the american way.
Nevertheless, i found another day where people can wish me.. but no, I am not planning to treat others on this occasion.