Monday, June 05, 2006

Aran Islands

3rd June 2006

Aran Islands, which is one of the famous to-see places in Galway was the undisputed choice for the long weekend. Though it would be just a one day affair, we decided to go there on the Saturday and go to nearby places for the remaining two days. We i.e. Satish and me left in the morning to the city. Rajiv and Deep reached there at the stipulated time at the booking counter. There was quite a rush in this city considering it was a Saturday morning. We got the tickets and we headed towards the bus stop.
The bus was waiting out there and we were the first ones to board the bus. It was a double decker bus, and we quickly helped ourselves to the top and in the front seat. I was sitting exactly above the driver’s seat. Being in the front seat gave me a lot of opportunity to take good pictures from the front. The bus went around the country side towards the sea shore. The journey was one of the best ever travelled by me. I really don’t have the words to describe them, though the pictures will narrate a bit of it. It was one of the moments I felt I should spend enjoying the scenery rather than just keep on taking pictures. Yes I did take a few pictures though. After around 45 min we reached the shore where the ferries were lined up to take us to the ARAN Island. We boarded the ferry and made ourselves comfortable. The journey was a typical boat ride, and nothing too exciting as such. Yes the view was good in some places but not to beat the view we saw in the bus ride. Again in around 45 min we had reached the Aran Islands.
There are many modes of transport available here to see the island. Bus is one option, hiring a Car is another. Hiring a Carriage with a horse was another exciting option , but we decided to take the best ie the cycle. We hired a cycle each and decided to move around at our will. Well in short it was my best trip ever.
The beautiful water, the landscape , the scenery was simply awesome.. and to top it up it the the cycle ride that will make this trip to Aran Islands memorable for a life time.
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Vogon Interpreter!! said...

HEy very nice pics...
also saw your Manipal pics...
really a good one .. brought back memories of MIT days...

Thanks.. and keep up the good work..
and definitely.. :) u have a good eye for pics... excellent photography...