Monday, May 29, 2006

2nd Weekend at Galway

27th May 2006
It was the 2nd weekend here in Galway. Unlike the last weekend, which I spend in my friends place, I was very much at home. I wanted to spend it at home itself. I woke up pretty late compared to normal days, ie around 8 am. My housemate came into my room seeing me awake. We chatted for sometime and then went ahead to make the breakfast. It was a light breakfast, with some nice tea. Satish , my housemate doesn’t take tea, hence took some Orange Juice.
Later in some time we got a call from Rajiv, who stays closer to the city centre. There was supposed to be some program in a place called Eyre-square. So we headed out there. We decided to walk out there. It took us around 30 min. But more than the walk, we really enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the way. We clicked our way to the city. On the way we met an elderly person, who offered us to take our snaps together. He asked about us, and then knowing that we are Indians, told us that Irish and Indian come from the same clan, ie the Indo-Europeon clan, and Irish language also comes from Sanskrit Language. We were surprised to hear all this from him. He also told that Irish has lot of similarity with Marathi language. He was also aware that further south of India there is the Dravidian community. He didn’t lack the knowledge of the south Indian languages. He was aware of Tamil and Telugu too. Satish told him that his mother tongue is Telugu. We were very much surprised to hear all this from him.
By the time we reached the Eyre-square, some musicians were playing some instruments and singing some English and Irish songs. We sat there and had our energy bars, ie Mars Chocolate Bars, which we had carried from home. Then we checked out for Rajiv and Co. They weren’t out there, they had already left from there and had gone for shopping. We also joined them. For the first time I felt that Galway does have people staying here in numbers. I have never seen so many people at one place here in Galway . The shopping area is not too big, but all the shops and complexes are in the same small area. We were mostly doing window shopping. At one shop I picked some coasters which would act like a souvenir from Ireland and the tradition Key chain , which I normally pick from every place that I visit. Later on went to Dunnes Stores. It had a good collection of everything, I must say. I picked up a T-Shirt for my self and also shoes and sandals. I managed to get bigger shoes , which I don’t get at all in India, and the price for them was quite cheap. Shopping also is quite tiring, and we found that we need to re fuel ourselves, we headed to our friend’s place for a bite. Mr Khan prepared some good lunch for us. Before I forget, we had a interesting event at the Shopping complex. Mr Khan wanted to use the restroom, so did me and Satish. So we went to the restroom, and found that we need to put in 30 cents for the door to open. Also it needed only exact change, that too it would accept only 10 and 20 cent coins. So I went to the coin wending machine to get the change. Once I went back to the the restroom, I saw Mr Khan taking a U turn instead of going inside. He didn’t feel it was worth paying 30p to use the restroom....

We spent some time at our friends apartment, and then decided to come back home. We waited for a long time for the bus, but since there was no sign of the bus, we walked down home. It was a long nice walk. I guess I hadn’t walked this long for a long time …….and I hope I do go for these kind of walks more frequently ….

The next weekend is a long weekend and I hope we can do some thing fruitful.

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