Tuesday, February 14, 2006

India Pak Cricket Matches

Wow is the only word that I can think of, after seeing yesterday's match at Lahore.
Looks like Indian Team has indeed taken shape, and we finally have a good team.

Apart from the fact that Tendulkar has come to Form, we have really good and reliable batsmen like Yuvraj, who have given the confidence that they can take the match to a conclusion.
But yesterday was Dhoni's day. He actually was in a devastating form. He not only got the Man of the Match Award , but also the compliments from the General itself. He also complimented on his hair style.

The previous match gave us the confidence that we are working as a Team now. All the top order batsman had scored around half a century a piece. That is what is needed in team work, which the indians have done well.

Not that every thing is perfect, but yes the team for the world cup seems to be taking shape. Now, I do have the feeling that we can make it to the finals of the world cup again..


Aparna S Mallya said...

No doubt our batsmen played remarkably and won the 3rd ODI for us, but what I find lacking in the team is the ability to stay firm even when wickets fall in a pile. Now that is something I admire in the Pakistanis. Their runrate never dips when wickets fall. I guess that's something the Indian team still has to improve on.