Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dinner at Vinatha's Place

After a lot of invitation from our dear friend, we , ie Suhas and family and I could make it for the dinner at VP's place. Though both , suhas and me had a bout of Stomach upset, we knew we could trust her food [ well.........] and hence did land there.

I reached there at around quater past 8 and Suhas made it by half past eight. The delay was due to the traffic and also Suhas didnt forget to pick up the customary ICE cream pack .

I had been for the MIT alumni meet in the afternoon, where in I had met some mitains and that was the topic of discussion before Mallya landed there .
Once Mallya reached, no other topic apart from his darling Sarojini Mai can go on. After an hour of stories @SUDHA , we decided to leave the rest for the next meet.

VP hasnt really changed a bit, but yes she did talk to COOKING etc to Aparna. That really shocked both suhas and me, knowing both of them quite well.

@10 pm , after viewing the new channel that Rajdeep Sardesai has launched , and passing comments on the same , we finally started our dinner. It simple and nice. The egg curry was really good. As for me, going by the tradition , started off with the desert and then the main course. and yes following the tradition again, ended the dinner with desert which VP had made of Vermicelli and also the ICE CREAM which mallya had brought.

Below are a couple of snaps