Sunday, November 20, 2005

New Mobile

I came across a nice plan from Hutch, which was giving me 600 min any mobile free calls and that too at just 249/- per month and no other charges and on top of that , all calls to landline will be charged at just 1 Re only. and a topping on that is 200 free local smses..

What else can I expect more than that..
But at the same time I was wondering, what to go with my old 5 year old connection.
I really dont feel like leaving that number, but at the same time I am sick and tired of all the unsolicited calls that I get for Credit Cards, Personal loans etc .

As of now I am planning to retain both the numbers and see how it goes..
Also bought a brand new cell yesterday [ Samsung 200 ].. It is a neat piece for just 5k.