Thursday, August 11, 2005

Trip to Shivsamudram

7th August 2005
It was the 2nd time in this season I was going to Shivsamudram. The first time going with Anup, it was a short and a quick trip. No breakfast, no stops till we reached the Falls. A quick "pit stop" for half and hour , during which I finished a complete roll of 36 Frame Fuji film[ yes, i still havent graduated to Digital ]. And Immediately it was a return trip back to Bangalore.
But this time it was not so. It was a huge group that we had gone along. Altogether 10 of us. Prashant, his wife Anamika, and his parents.
Then Sriku, Kavita and his sister Shaila , cousin Guru and my sister Shweta.
We conveniently split ourself , five  each into each of the Tata Indica's , and sped away onto the Mysore highway.
It was a lovely drive, with short spells of rain, which would happily clean the windshields. We were invited near the falls with a bad traffic jam. The car behind us got scraped by a bus which was trying to get out on the narrow road. Anyway, we managed to park the cars and walked a short distance to reach the falls.
The falls was glamourous . It was a majestic scene , with the water just gushing down.... ooops no words can describe them. On this trip I hadnt loaded my camera with a color film , only with B&W and had carried my camcorder.
I am still waiting for snaps to get developed. Will upload them at the earliest.