Thursday, August 11, 2005


Every single day I brave my vehicle through the tough corridors of Airport Road. My place of stay happens to be behind Manipal Hospital.
And needless to say, seeing an Ambulance in the thick of this traffic is not an unusual sight. What bugs me here is that , none of the vehicles which are infront of the Ambulance budge. For each and everyone , reaching to ones respective destination is of primary importance.
Again there is another problem. The Sirens used by these Ambulances especially the Maruti Omni's is very very feeble and the vehicles infront will not be able to know that there is a Ambulance behind.

My Solution to this problem would be
[1] Make the sirens very very loud so that even from far away they should be heard, and the very sound of them should make the vehicles move ahead.
This will also help the cops at the traffic junctions ,that a Ambulance/Fire Engine is coming and they need to clear the way for them.
This action they only do for the VIP's and VVIP's.

[2] Create an awareness among Vehicles Drivers, that, when there is a Ambulance/Fire Engine all vehicles should move towards left hand side of the road and clean the right hand side for these vehicles . In the US these rules are told while applying for the Driving license itself so that every one knows about these basic rules.
From my point of view, these should be mandatory questions that should be asked during the Driving Test . Then people will read them atleast and hence know about these.

It should help....