Monday, January 30, 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why I dont Prefer Airasia to travel anymore

Over a  period time, I have started to dislike the Service Provided by Airasia flights and to be more precise, on the seat allocation.

Though I would like to add, their aircraft are good and the in-flights service has been good.

This issue which I am highlighting is quite frequent, or maybe always.  Most of the times, when I try to do an online check-in I almost end up getting an error, if I try and choose the *free* seats. Its only once I have been able to check-in correctly. So, I gave up checking in online for the free seats.

But then when I go to the counter, they will make sure to tell you, that they cant provide us with adjacent seats at all, and if I need I will need to pay. If I tell them to give me the free seats itself, then the next step would be give me discounts on that seat selection fee. That's when we end up going for the paid seats.

The last couple of time, I told them , to give me the *free* seats, they made sure to give me seats far away from each other. Their intention has been regularly to cause you discomfort on that front and make you pay. And at the same time, the folks at the check-in counter will try their best to make sure you pay, even at the cost of the keeping the queue on hold.

The Incident when I would to be specific here is that, I was told that *only* the last row seats are available and there the push back seats are not available. Hence I would need to pay, to get seats which have push back :) Now, isn't this pushing the limit ? 
And when I board the flight, I see a lot of empty seats:) 

But that's not the case with Indigo or Go Air. Their online check-in system has been very good, and also , even when I have not been able to check-in, they do try to make sure, to give us seats together.

That's when my last preference in the selection of the Airline has been #Air Asia.

Shouldnt the Taxation be done differently ?

In todays date, when all the eyes are set on the budget 2017, and the main component, which everyone is looking for is a cut in the taxation rates and the slabs. Well, thats something which even I have been looking for. However, just reducing the taxation, will it not hamper the amount the government will eventually have for the various programs ?

Rather than just reducing the tax rates for the majority of the salaried and other tax payers, why cant we have a much lower slab, which will make sure, a huge number of people pay a small amount of tax.

Say, if one is earning around 1 lakh a year, currently this person will not be paying any taxes. And I suppose a huge number of people are in this bracket. So why cant the government charge a very nominal tax amount say 1% or 0.5%. When we have huge numbers of these, will it not help everyone.

Why should only the middle segment people who are primarily in the salaried class bear all the wrought, when dealing with taxes.
When we have more and more people paying taxes , though very small amount, it will be better for the overall growth of the country , rather than taxing only a few.

The bigger and the more important part of taxation, is when, the amount paid, should be reflected in the amenities which is provided for the people. Only then every one will eventually like to pay

I do hope that, this does happen eventually.