Sunday, December 30, 2012

Maruti Launches Ritz Automatic Version

Just when I thought that Maruti has a automatic version in the hatch back segment ie the A-star with the ex-showroon price lesser than 5 lakh, I see that they have launched Ritz AT version and is priced around 6.15 lakhs. There is only the petrol version in this and a mileage of 17 is quoted which is not too less compared to the manual shift gearbox.

It only appears that India is slowly moving towards the automatic cars which is a norm in the western countries.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ratan Tata - End of an Era.

The Tata family has always kept me awed by their nature of building people. They just dont stop at building a  company or a city/town or an educational institute, they make sure that they build people. I had the chance of being the part of TCS in my initial years of my career, and it always made me proud to be a part of the Tata Group.
The sheer motivation to build companies like Air India and then giving it up to the government , all in the good will to help the country is something commendable. Also setting up institutes like Tata Institute , now IISc and TIFR, are something, which they have build to bring up the people of India from the roots and not just superficially. They never believed in giving wealth to people, but they did believe in giving good way of life and education. Thats the difference between a Tata Company and any other.

After JRD Tata, its been Ratan Tata who has been handling the Tata Sons division for all these years, and tomorrow he will be giving up his role as the chairman of Tata Sons to hand it over to Cypress Mistry, righly so, as he is capable and also being the group, holding the highest share in Tata Sons.

I havent written a blog for many months and its this thought of this person retiring made me write a few words. Its just the respect that this person unknowingly commands.