Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Winds of Change

Been a while since I wrote , but then, I was hardly settled in the past couple of months. Before even I came back from Warsaw, I was told that I had to go back in a couple of weeks. That fact, even makes you feel even more unsettled, that you want to be. More things to do, and hardly any time to decide whether to do or not to do.
In the brief stay of being in Bangalore, I also took up the oppurtunity to watch an IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indian's.  But I couldnt really enjoy the match as I would have loved it to be, as my wallet was flicked which had most of my important cards and quite a sum of money, especially in foreign currency. Though, the loss was lingering in my minds for a couple of days, and the best way to get back to myself, was to convince myself that, I was indeed settling some Karmic Accounts, which I would anyways would have to settle some other time if not today. But the most unsettling part of the whole encounter was losing most of my debit and credit cards, especially when it was just a couple of days before my next travel. But then all is well that ends well.

Reached Warsaw on 17th April, and my stay this time was time bound to only 3 weeks, thanks to my visa. The weather was beautiful this time in warsaw, and probably in the whole of europe. When you have the weather, the right people to have fun and holidays to go along with it, it didnt take much effort to plan a trip to Prague. Though, we had a tough time to find the accomodation, but then when we actually found, it was right at the entrance of the Prague Castle. Well, couldnt have found anything better. The three days of the easter weekend, were devoted to seeing the beautiful monuments in Prague , the only pain being in the legs , thanks to endless walking.
Well, the weather being great, Warsaw for the first time for me , looked so beautiful with the greenery around.  The trip to the University Library and to the Lazenki Park was truly beautiful. And then the last weekend, when we were supposed to travel back, and since we had half a day with us in Paris, we used the oppurtunity to see the Eiffel Tower and some other hot spots in Paris. All that I can say about Eiffel Tower is that, its simply Majestic. As I passed through the different monuments , I remembered my french classes in school which had a mention of most of these monuments. It was after so many years that I actually got to see them all.
I must say that it was an eventful 3 weeks in Europe this time. Most memorable...

Book Review :Only time will tell - Jeffrey Archer

Another master piece of Jeffrey Archer. Well, it doesnt make much sense to talk of the story or about his writing in general. What beautiful about this book is the way, its divided into chapters and different parts of the books talk of a given  character , and its not written over a timeline. Not sure if you got what I meant, but maybe if I put it in SQL language, its kind of select ing the contents of the book and grouping  them by character  and putting in chapters. Still at the end of this, makes very easy to read and also keeps the unknown's from one character only to be revealed by when another character talks about it in his grouping. 

As of the book and the story in general, is about Harry Clifton, who hails from a poor family and has a gifted voice. During his journey of life, he is helped knowingly and unknowingly by many people who have come across in his life. Its a different fact that his biological father is not his actual father, and almost end's up marrying his half sister. The journey also revolves around his two best friends in school, who help him in his thick and thin, and only time would tell him what's in store for him.

Just dont miss this book , if you love Jeffrey Archer.

Monday, May 09, 2011