Thursday, July 07, 2005

What is so called being BUSY ?

Every now and then you hear that He is Busy , or He says that he is busy, and hence couldnt call you back,
couldnt meet you etc ?
So what does this so called being BUSY mean ??
It only means that in your priority list, doing one thing is at a higher priority than the other.
Does anyone stop eating food, stop having bath, stop going to the loo if he/she is busy ? NO. It is only a matter of priorities.
Suposse I ask my friend to meet me. He says that he is busy . It only means that he has more important work , than meeting me.
For that matter, it could even mean that lazying on the bed and relaxing is more important that meeting someone. Its all your own perspective.
So the next time , some one says that he/she is busy, it only means that at that point of time, he has higher priority work.
If you have asked someone to call /meet  and you get an answer that he/she is busy,
    it means that he/she has more important work than meeting/calling. and you are lower on the priority list.
Does it sound logical ?

What is Male Ego?

I just happened to go through this article .
Well , a brief description of Annapurna Devi, (First ) Wife of Pt. Ravishankar.
So is it just for the so called ego, a man , for that matter any person, will
do so much of descrimination against their spouses. From his point of view,
having more than one wife, is not wrong, and there are different kinds of love.
"Love for Wife, love for friend etc " . This probably is true, but my question here is ,
if Annapurna Devi had the same views, and she had also has one more partner,
would it have been acceptable for him ???
Just my thoughts on the male ego. Nothing personal to anyone.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005