Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Simpl - The Payment App

 The first time that I came across this facility was when ordering lunch at the office on the Fasoos App. I was in a hurry and saw the Simpl payment option, which was more like Pay Later. Since it's a small amount, and due to time crunch, I decided to try it out. After that day, there was no looking back and I was using the Fasoos app for ordering food, more due to the simplicity of payment than anything else. It was such a breeze every time to do the payment and paying the bill once a fortnight. 

The payment of the Simpl bills was indeed simple. The reminders would come on the SMS and payments to Simpl were a few clicks only(once you added your credit card options).  I did use Simpl on other apps too like Bookmyshow too. 

The main reason which would drive me to use Simpl was the insecurity that we have while submitting your credit card details every single time and on different apps. It's easy to trust the apps which you use regularly but not all. That single reason apart from the ease of use were the defining reasons for which I am stuck to using Simpl. 

A few years later, Simpl was also being accepted in our apartment grocery shops and came in very handy when we would go for a walk without any money and there is always that need to buy that loaf of bread or milk. ( Paytm and other apps can be used, but the mobile networks aren't very good inside the shops).


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