Thursday, August 15, 2013

67th Independence Day

15th August 2013
67th Independence day and google doodle too celebrates it with a beautiful doodle.
Woke up early, for personal work which turned out to be more easy than ever. Getting an appointment with Dr Prince, that too being first in the list, is as good as a miracle.
Flat, out from there by 830 am, reached home just in time for a nicely organised Flag Hoisting ceremony. The hoisting was done by the seniors in the apartment complex followed by games for different age groups, starting from kids. It was a treat to see all the kids participating so well in the games and more importantly, having fun. The lunch was organised in a nice manner, and quite a huge spread I must say.
Thought of enjoying the after siesta, with the pouring rains by the side to give company. Couldn't have been a better afternoon.

Tomorrow is Varamahalakshmi Puja. An important festival in this part of the country. While traversing through the Madivala market, even at 2:30 in the afternoon, it was full of people. The lovely sight of heaps of flowers only made the slow movement of traffic, all the more pleasurable. Perks of life, if I may add.
A simple but a interesting day and went the way it should have.

The independence day, is celebrated every year to remind us of the fact that, we were once under the control of a foreign rule and we have fought against them to come out of it to have our say. We had managed to get the independence, but there are many areas in life , where we still need to come out of the dependence. I am not talking from external factors, but factors within us. Get rid of all the small issues that we keep fighting for mostly within us and get over it. Find your true independence over your self. Live a simple life but a happy one. Make lives around you a little more happier, even if that means the life of one person. Change for the better.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Scientific Reason behind Indian Punishment

Found in one email - Thought of sharing 

Remember the ‘good’ old Indian school punishments? Holding the earlobes with arms crossed over your chests, bending the knees and then sit and then stand and so on till the time Masterji is saying?

Ever thought why the traditional Indian school teachers would give this particular punishment? I believe even majority of the teachers who grant this punishment to their students do not know the reason behind it. This form of punishment has been in practice in our country since the Gurukul time and was given to the students who were weak in studies. That is a different question if now a days teachers grant this punishment for any mistake and not only for studies but originally it was meant for weak students only.
Talking about the logic behind this punishment, it is very interesting to know that this particular posture increases the blood flow in the memory cells in brain and synchronizes the right and left side of the brain to improve function and promote calmness, stimulates neural pathways via acupressure points in the earlobe, sharpens intelligence and also helps those with autism, asperger’s syndrome, learning difficulties and behavioral problems.

Probably we have forgotten this ancient method of increasing memory power but the West is now using is very diligently and they are recommending this posture or exercise to treat many a diseases.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Put a limit..

Not every day is same in ones life. There are high's and then there are lows and between these we need to manage ourselves. This applies for the mood , energy level among other things and then the most important, money.
We keep growing with time and with it, our social levels. They keep changing, mostly for the better, We get used to better life and better things, so much so, that, sometimes, we simply refuse to adjust to the same level, we had once comfortably lived. Not that I want anyone to do that, or should do that. Its always good to grow with time and never have a chance to see the lows again. But then the main question in my mind, is whether the rate at which the living standards are changing, are we able to match that rate.

We have in a short time, graduated from going walking to bike and then to car. Can we manage going back to using buses ? What if the rules and the laws of the land make sure that you do. Will you be comfortable ? The excessive use of personal vehicles, has become such an issue, that, we may soon find rules that prohibit us from using them further. Not to mention the environment impact.

We are used to eating out regularly. The days of eating at home , own cooked food, are diminishing with every passing day. Cooks come home to cook food. Still the frequency of eating out has not come down. Again, whats the cost of eating outside each time ? Has it been limited to a level its acceptable, or has it crossed your limit. There are limits for everyone. But then, if you spend say 1000/- per person in India for lunch or dinner, its still on the higher side. But then most of us can easily afford it. But then, does it justify it. Not for me. I would be at peace for a 400/- or a 500/- dinner bill, which would give me a value for money and decent ambiance. Definitely not a extravagant food bill, in the name of exclusivity. Off course there are occasions where you need to spend this and should be done, but justify the occasion.

The latest fad in town are nothing but Mobile phones and tablets. I somehow just cannot believe that we need to spend such an amount for a phone. Till the time, we were talking within 5000-6000/- it was acceptable for me. But 40k to 50k for a phone. Just not something that I can think of within my normal frame of mind. Yes, I can afford it, but does it need to be ? I really dont think so. As long as a phone costing 10k or less than that, makes sure that all my necessities are taken care of, I am fine. I dont need to show the world that I have the latest gadgets. I know, what I need and I need to be content with what I want and what I have. Thats the limit one should throw on one self. Not for others.

Live a good life. You never know, what happens tomorrow. Good or bad , but live happily and be at peace. And peace is not found in material possessions. Dont grow too fast in your standard of living. Live in a good atmosphere. But know your limits... Thats the key to happiness. Live for your self and for your people, not competing with others.