Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I do have a problem with these type of people, ie who are perpetually late. And what more, most of the people plan schedules keeping in mind these people only.A little importance is given to those who come on time. And its more of using these punctual people to fill in for the time lost due to delay in the latecomers.
In every meeting in office, though there are a bunch of people who come on time, they need to waste their time waiting for the latecomers. And yeah, the meeting doesn't start until they come. what more, if the meeting actually started, they get a recap of what happened, and there is again no value for those people who made an attempt to come on time.
Just wondering when would sense prevail and people try and respect other people's time.


RadhikaB said...

I would completely agree on this post..good one...

RadhikaB said...
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