Sunday, November 29, 2009

Movie Review : 2012

This movie for me was not just a movie. After having read various theories behind this event slated for 21st Dec 2012, it was a nice depiction as to how it will actually happen. And from my point of view, it was a very realistic view of what I had actually imagined, and seeing it with my own eyes, though in a picture, was quite frightening.

Its not just a movie, its something what you have thought about and its about the end of the world. Its something, which one is not sure at the same time, one is again not sure that it will happen. We are living here on this planet earth and planning for the future as if we are going for live till the age of 60-70. And if we go by this theory, we dont need to plan , we just need to live to next 2 years. So its a constant conflict in the mind as to what extent you can trust this theory and what will really happen to you per se.

As for the movie, it revolves around the same old White House and the President of USA, something close to what Independence Day was, with an amalgamation of Titanic. But in all a good depiction as to what will be the actual things which will happen. Wonderful special effects, WOW is not enough.
The movie starts from India, where an Indian figures out that the temperture of the core of the earth is imcreasing at a rapid pace, and he tells his friend from USA who is working in the Geological Dept of the Government.
Then it moves on to show how they plan to build a huge ship a.k.a the in the Bible, which takes every animal on the planet so that the specie is not destroyed. Also shown is how much of commercialisation is done and how are the tickets to your life are sold.
But at the end its very clearly shown that, only the ones who have done good deeds will be saved and thats the true essence of the movie. Its again the joining of the dots, as to how even the so called bad people will assist the good people unknowningly for their own benefit.
China is clearly shown as the work force of the world and any given task can be assigned to them to be completed in a given time. At the same time, Indian is someone who discovers it first, but doesnt even manage to save himself, thinks more of others and helping others, again so true of the Indian culture.

Its indeed a great movie. I simply loved it.

Tumhari Amrita

Its always a rare opportunity to see a live play. On top of that, if the cast is of the likes of Shabana Azmi and Farookh Shaikh, then its a lifetime opportunity. Last Friday was one such day.
"Tumhari Amrita" is a play which I have heard from ages, but never though that I would get a chance to see it. Thanks to Times of India and Bangalore Festival, I was able to enjoy it. Held at Jnana Jyoti Auditorium, which is known for its wonderful acoustics, the sound quality and lighting was beautiful.
This play has probably one of the simplest of the set. Just two tables and two chairs and they just read letters. Thats it. But one of the best.
The couple start writing to each other for 35 years. Religion and politics come in between them and they continue to keep in touch for the rest of their lives and keeping the other person updated with everything. Right from wishing each other for a diwali or a Eid, or their respective birthdays, they dont miss a single event.
Zulfi, who was destined to enter politics, does it big and thats another bottleneck, which keeps them far off from each other. Their love for each other never comes down.

In short, it brings out how the caste and society as a whole has an impact on a indian. And how does one end up suffering due to others views.

The actors having a class of their own, very dramatically read the letters and in a manner that actually brings tears to your eyes.
One of the best plays ever seen by me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

3 Book Reviews

I am simply amazed. Finished off the 3rd book, while the first one took almost a month. While the remaining where finished in a day each. Somehow I am feeling that I am back to my self. After reading the Word documents, it was a welcome change and all thanks to this break, it has indeed made a difference. Looking forward for incorporating my other plans which were on hold all this time. Some self satisfaction finally...

Book Review : The Professional

The Professional
Book : The Professional
Author : Subroto Bagchi
Cost : 399/-

After reading "High Performance Entrepreneur" and "Go Kiss the World" , it wasnt a tough decision on whether to invest in this or not. Infact, If I hadnt, it would be a loss. With time, its not really about the book, but with the Author, with which a good will is built, and thats primarily due to "Professionalism". This is something which is emphasised in the book, and this professionalism is should be within you.
The difference, is, when a senior comes infront of you, whether you get up due to the respect or due to the power he/she carries. If its power, it will fade away with his/her power or position.

A wonderfully written book, which gives emphasis on various sections of your life, and how one needs to be good in all these respects.
There are some areas where we are thinking we are doing it right, but might actually not be professional. These are the subtle things that are listed in the book, added with appropriate examples to suit the context.
There are couple of instances in the book, whether the Author has bad experiences with the doctor, and a very professional experience with a nurse, who treated his mom. Now, whats important to learn is that, even after so many years, he re-collects both the incidences and writes it into a book, which would be read by hundred's of people, like me. Imagine that, this particular doctor also reads it, can you imagine the uneasyness that he would be going through. Though there is no mention of the name of the doctor nor the hospital. But that doctor will feel that trauma. One never knows , how and what will come into the day of light, which one has done , slightly unprofessionally , as the medium of reporting is becoming easier day by day.
Whats the solution for this issue ?
Be a professional. The probability of such issues coming up becomes less.

Then one take away, I had from the many..This revolves around the meetings which we have in office. Invariably, they are held so that a so called unanimous decsion can be taken. But in practice, not everyone really participates. Even if there are potential issues, its not necessary that it is conveyed. The meetings are a very formal mechanism of protecting a bigger decision, so incase something unpleasant happens, its not a sole person who is held responsible. Not really to find the real problems and sort them out. ( Though I have seen some brilliant managers who actually sort out the problems , rather than just get a consensus).
Various mechanisms are provided in the book, to handle such issues and various examples.

In short, I would say that its a must read for all. For those who are in the IT industry, there are no reasons not to read. More so, because, the author is from IT Industry and so am I. Its a small and great investment.
One wouldnt be able to absorb all the details in the book in one read. As one grows up the ladder, one will learn more and appreciate more what the author is trying to say.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book Review : 2 states (The story of my marriage)

Book : 2 states (The story of my marriage)
Author : Chetan Bhagat
Price : 95/-

Its not everyday of your life that one gets the read a new Chetan Bhagat book. ( Do I sound like him now :)). I am sure, most of you who are reading this review, are already fans of Chetan Bhagat. Compared to the last two books, I liked this book more, but then nothing to beat "Five Point Someone". I am not sure why I liked this more, it could also be since again, it takes you to college life and then the real life, as against movie type stories in his last two books.
As like any CB book, one can comfortably complete this book in one day, though it might cost you a couple of hours of your sleep time, but its very well worth it. The book starts off as a flash back, like his last book, and then moves into the present. The storyline starts off with his life in IIMA, and then moves into his personal and professional life in Chennai. Very beautifully captured the details on Chennai and the mannerisms of South Indians, and then going north the lifestyle and mindsets of punjabis. It couldn't have got better. The book enhances the basic traits in these two communities and what are the ways one can get comfortable with them. To get the indepth details and what each of the community looks forward, can easily be found in this book, and will be remembered for life, since the presentation is very humorous and it will be etched in your mind.
The story also takes you to Goa, and since I am on vacation at home it felt all the more better.
Citibank , is an important character in this Novel, and I couldn't agree more on how Citibank really does business.
The story again has a spiritual angle and its beautiful. I cant wait to go to Pondicherry and visit the ashram once.
All in all, a great book. Its much much better than the last two books, but then FPS remains the best. This story could be a good sequel to 3 Idiots. Must read for all CB fans.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Book Review: Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Book : Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
Author : Rashmi Bansal

The last time that I had heard about Rashmi Bansal was during the famous IIPM issue. I am sure every blogger would remember the sad story.
Nevertheless, every incident, makes a person only stronger. I guess an outcome of that is a book so beautifully written.
25 IIMA grads, each of them making a marking somewhere, and just reading their success stories, makes one feel, how important is failure in each one's life. Where would all there people be, had they quit after their failure. I am sure there are thousands of similar kind of individuals, but the only reason, we dont know of them, because, they didnt get up after their failure.

Every story, just makes one get up and wonder, "Why am I doing what I am doing?". What about your dreams and the things that one loves to do. All these great men, only did whatever their heart told them and they are where they are now. One more noticable fact is that none of them went after money. Its was the passion that drove them what they wanted to do, and the money just followed them. Had they followed the money, I guess many would have failed, as rats jump out of the sinking boat, while the captain stays on till the ship is not drowned.

Awesome book. A must read for everyone. No two thoughts about it. And all it costs is Rs 125/-. I guess thats the only part of the book which was not up to its right value.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Book Review : Prisoner of Birth - Jeffrey Archer

Hmmm, what do I say. Simply awesome and gripping booking, and one just cannot leave it till you finish. A tradition Jeffrey Archer book. Do I need to say more, if you are already a Jeffrey Archer fan?

The story is of a person, who supposedly killed his best friend ( Also his finacee's Brother), and though innocent, he is put behind the bars. He is given a sentence for something which he has not done and then also escapes from there ..( Though I still havent really revealed anything .. you need to read it ) and then plays a game with the actual killer(s).

If you like a murder drama and court room scenes, then this book is a must for you.
If you are a Jeffrey Archer fan, then ofcourse you cant miss it.

Great Book. Looking forward for his new novel which is recently released

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thought for the day

Look for Goodness
In everything, goodness is there. Our goal is to find it. In every person, the best is there. Our job is to recognise it. In every situation, the positive is there. Our opportunity is to see it. In every problem, the solution is there. Our responsibility is to provide it. In every setback, the success is there. Our adventure is to discover it. In every crisis, the reason is there. Our challenge is to understand it. By seeing the goodness, we'll be very enthusiastic and our lives will be richer.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Memories of Montevideo, Uruguay

With just a week before I leave from this beautiful place, I thought that it was high time that I post some pictures of this place, which has been my abode for the past 3 months. Its been exactly 3 months today, as I write this, and have seen the different climatic conditions here. From the nice pleasant summer when I had just arrived to now, when its shivering cold. And I enjoyed every moment of each of the weather.
In a way I was also lucky enough to have stayed at various places in this short stay. From Radisson to Palldium, while being a permanent guest at Jitesh's and Abhijits apartment, and now finally at the apartment in Cavia. Everything has been so memorable.
The view from the older apartment has been the best so far, especially when you are lying in the bed and the view from the 10th floor , is simply unmatched.

From Montevideo

I dont everthink that I will be able to have this view from my bedroom. While at night its even more prettier with all the lights making it an awesome view.
But this view will always remain in my mind .
From Montevideo

Then the good times that we had at the beach will be unforgettable.
From Montevideo

Language was always a problem here. But then at every point we had some help coming to our rescue. Even at a saturday market, this person had a great command over English and very much fluent.
From Montevideo

From Montevideo

This saturday market has all the essential stuff thats needed, right from clothes to all kind of vegetables. And they are very very decently priced. I had got my most of the shopping done here itself, and I would consider it as a value for money.

The historic monuments can be seen at various places and it can clearly be seen as an old city.
From Montevideo

This building is a signature building of Montevideo.

The Independence Plaza, which is the important city square, had lot of exhibitions and people coming to see the historic place
From Montevideo

This is just infront of the Hotel Radisson, where I was put up for a month.
There is also a memorial , which is kind of underground, of the Freedom Fighter of Uruguay, Artigas.
Its a must see for all tourists. I hadnt taken any photos out there, since i felt, one shouldnt take photos there. There are two guards there, who remain standstill for the whole day. Its a treat to see this place.
This picture below, is just next to entrance to this place.
From Montevideo

Montevideo is incomplete with the mention of the Rambla(details of Rambla given below) and the beach all around
The boat club which could be seen from our apartment, was a terrific view again. (Though this one is not taken from the apartment)
From Montevideo

But nothing to have a nice morning jog along the Rambla, seeing these beautiful views to start the day
From Montevideo

This place would also place me amongst the one to have visited a tatoo parlour. Thank fully it was not for me, but for Jitesh. He had the crazy idea from a very long time and finally 4 days before his return his dream came true. (Please see some of the previous posts for the write up on this ) The Laugh and Cry tatoo which he chose came out very well, and didnt really cost him a fortune. Check the site here for more details on the Tattoo parlour. Eduardo does a very very professional job and everything in the studio is very very hygienic. I was very impressed with the whole setup, and my first visit will surely remain memorable for the better.
From Montevideo

The road along the side of the beach is called Rambla. Its a beautiful stretch of roads which literally goes out of the city. The promenade along the beach is very nice to walk, jog cycle on. This is something, which I wouldnt get even in Goa, my native place. The beach here is just one block away, and once when I was in Hotel Palladium it was just a matter of crossing the road.
Some of the pictures of the Rambla and the beach side along it.
From Montevideo

From Montevideo

Among all things on the Rambla, what makes every Indian proud is that, part of the Rambla is called Mahatma Gandhi Rambla, and just across is the statue of Mahatma Gandhiji.
From Montevideo

We were also surprised to see a perpendicular road from the Mahatma Gandhi is names Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru road. Never ever imagined that I would frequent this part of the world and I would see all these names in this country.
One more particular thing that I noticed is that, every Uruguaian has lot of respect for Indians, and its a very nice feeling to be known to that fact, though we are miles and miles away from India.

As I mentioned earlier, this place just surprises me time and again. Another aspect was the vehicles that are found here. We could spot some of the typical Indian vehicles in this part of the world. Our very own Maruti 800 is found in this country. To add to that list is , Mahindra Jeep, Bajaj Chetak scooter, Bajaj Auto rickshaw, and even a TVS scooty. Hero Honds CD100 are found in plenty here. But what made me nostalgic is the presence of Hero Puch moped.

From Montevideo

I also got a chance to visit the Columbia Embassy and the folks here and was able to meet them personally. Can I get more lucky than that.
From Ken'sRetreat

Lastly regarding my work here. I was privileged to visit this beautiful place for a client Antel which is the biggest telecom provider for this country. The Antel tower is a beautiful sight to watch and I would consider it as a privilege to be a part of this assignment.
Communications Tower (or Torre Antel), the tallest building in Uruguay

As I move away from this place, I am sure I am going to miss this and will continue to haunt me forever.
Just posting some more pictures below with some description.
Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing these pictures. Your comments are welcome , or should I say necessary.

The Beautiful Sunrise as seen from our apartment

From Ken'sRetreat

Visit to Embassy of Columbia with Br Ken
From Ken'sRetreat

The Election Campaigning at its best, as we drive through on the Rambla
From Ken'sRetreat

The Beautiful house where I had stayed in at Piriya Polis. It was probably the best time in my visit here in Montevideo. Somethings can only be experienced, and this one would be at the top

The name of the house is Nandigan, with Br Ken walking in.
From Ken'sRetreat

Hotel Argentina at Piriya Polis
From Ken'sRetreat

The Lions at Hotel Argentina, they look beautiful
From Ken'sRetreat

An old cart at the Retreat center
From Ken'sRetreat

Warming exercise time at the retreat, during a nice and cold winter morning
From Ken'sRetreat

The narrow mud roads in the Villages here. Reminded me of the villages in India, especially in my native place

From Ken'sRetreat

The Bear Exhibition at Plaza Independencia
From PuntaDelEste

Every country has its own representation of its bear
This one belonged to India, though I was not very impressed
From PuntaDelEste

Martin posing with some bears
From PuntaDelEste

Some more...

From PuntaDelEste

From PuntaDelEste

The traditional drink here is Mathe which every here drinks. They are drunk in these cups as shown on display here. A typical Uruguaian will have a Mathe cup and steel straw, which is filled with herbes and in the other hand will have a thermos flask, which contains hot water to keep filling into the cup, as its consumed.

From PuntaDelEste

The Old City Square

From PuntaDelEste

From PuntaDelEste

From PuntaDelEste

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Facebook time

Every few years we can see a change in the way we keep up links with others. An era of orkut seems to be fading and facebook and twitter are growing. The same friends with whom I have been keeping in touch through orkut, I am now in touch with them through FB. With time I could see myself having less and less activity on orkut and slowly increased in FB.
Well I am not here to discuss the pros and cons of FB or orkut. The underlying message is that we soon get tired with one setup, and then look for a change , like the way we get tired of one job and then look for another.
It didnt happen to our parents in their time. Why does it happen only to our generation so much. Is our attention span so limited , that a change is imminent every few episodes of time ?
Though the examples on which I am applying these metamorphosis are trivial, but in depth its definitely not a conforting thought.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Federer Wins : Creates History

What a match it was!! Last set seemed to be a never ending one.
But a match to create history. Though felt a little bad that Roddick lost, but then we can only have one winner.

I thought it would be easy for Roger to win, without Nadal, but then nothing is easy in Wimbledon Finals, with the game having the last set 16-14.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MJ- End of an Era

Micheal Jackson. The name says it all. Frankly speaking , I dont think I have got his audio cassette or a CD in my entire life, and I am very much sure I do have company. But the fact remains, I know what he does and what he is, and again I am sure this is known by many.
I would personally say that, he was one person, probably most number of people on this planet knew. Its a different issue, whether they heard him, or even knew who he was. But they knew a person names Micheal Jackson. This analogy was in my thought.
This was proved when he passed away last week.
The number of posts and editorials because of this event reached a maximum and it actually got the Google slower and it was the same for twitter. Its not everyday that Google comes across this scenaraio. Not even when Obama was elected , or any country won the FIFA world cup or for that matter may major events.
It just a death of a single person that led to this. Worth a thought!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My first Visit to Tatoo Studio

Yesterday was the first visit to the Tatoo parlour ever in my life. It was quite impressive to see it,thank fully not experiencing. Jitesh finally decided to do the Cry and Laugh tatoo, which he chose at the last moment.

The cost did appear to be a steal. The studio was impressive and spic and span. No room for any kind of complaints.
At 22 Hrs, the design was started and by 23 hrs, the final design was done and approved. The actual, rather the painful part started only at 23:15 hrs and it was not a smooth sailing for Jitesh at the beginning.
From Tatoo Studio

Once started, though I was kind of dozing off, the pain absorbing threshold increased with time for Jitesh. He looked more comfortable. I was actually scared that there could be some bleeding etc, which might not be something I would be confortable. But it was not. The efficient and professional work was very impressive.

From Tatoo Studio

This was how the final one actually looked.

From Tatoo Studio

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shopping in MVD

Today morning went for shopping in the so called Burma Bazaar in Montevideo.
Its a nice place where one can buy good stuff at reasonable rates. Almost all kind of clothes and stuff which I think I can take back to India are available.
Uruguay has been not upto the mark when it comes to shopping, but today it has changed the perspective.

I picked up a jacket, and a paper photo album, and also a Mathe cup, more as a souvenir.
Spent a flat 2000 in one day in shopping, very unlike of me though. Nevertheless it was worth it.

In the afternoon we went for movie at MVD Shopping Mall. Not the best of the movies, but a good time pass. I still dont know the name of the movie. It was written in spanish[But an english movie though :)]

Today during lunch we also saw the Spanish version of Bend it like Beckham. It was quite a sight to see Anupam Kher talking in spanish wear a sardarji turban. On top of that, the hindi wedding songs going on in the background. It was an interesting day today indeed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Shifted to A New Apartment

We shifted to a new apartment last weekend. It was a welcome change from the life in a hotel room.
Nice and big apartment and very very spacious. Am really loving the place, but the older place was in the heart of the city in pocitos, near Montevideo Shopping.
Here everything is a little bit far off. But its a good residential area and lots of shopping around.
Need to explore more of this over the weekend.

Looking forward for it and also for some photography.
But yes, we do miss the lovely view from the older apartment of the River Bed and the calm waves as one would wake up. That was the best, which not even in Goa, I could ever experience. Will put up some snaps soon.

Basket Ball Match

Went to see a basket ball match today here in Uruguay. It was my colleagues son playing and it was a treat to see them play. Nothing short of pure entertainment, and making feel the game look so easy and seamless. Such good passing and wonderful baskets.

It was a welcome change.

Its getting colder here day by day. Need to pick up somemore warm clothings, and any plans to go out are simply out of the way.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Down the bylanes of Montevideo

Today during lunch time, I got a chance to to walk down the bylanes of Montevideo,Uruguay. And probably for the first time I found that there is some similarity between a normal middle class life in India to that in here. The same small roads and houses by the side of them. Little children playing inside , doors open. Mom's cleaning the sidewalks.
I felt nice seeing it. A picture of India reflecting in my mind. No matter how far we are, the basic sense remains the same. This would be something that I would love to treasure for quite sometime.
Will try and take some pics, but I am pretty sure that the image will not really make justice to what I say, but will still try to.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

India Votes !!

I am going to miss it this time. Being here in Uruguay, I am going to miss this chance of voting. I had done all the hardwork and also got my Voters card this time, but I don't think I am going to get a chance to exercise my vote.
Its also being declared a holiday in Bangalore.
I just hope that there is a huge turnout of voters this time.

Montevideo, Uruguay

11th April, 2009
Reached Montevideo , Uruguay , only to find Jitesh and Abhijit waiting for me at the Airport. It was a pleasant feeling to see someone whom you can talk to after a long 46 hour travel.
I checked in at the Radisson Hotel and freshed my self and went straight to their apartment. Dal and Rice never tasted so good. Jitesh is indeed a great cook.
The weather was pleasant and beach was just 3 min walk from the Apartment. Since my benchmarking happens with Goa, when it comes to beach, it wasnt the case here. The weather was not at all humid as we find it in Goa, and that's something I enjoyed the most.
I currently have two homes :) . One is my hotel room on the 17th Floor and Abhijit's and Jitesh's Apt on the 10th Floor. I am enjoying the view from these sky risers after a long time, and trust me the view is simply awesome.

Will publish the photos soon on this blog.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

One day Trip to Frankfurt

Its was all done. I had to now travel to Montevideo , Uruguay on Thursday night. All packing done, documents collected, and all set to go. But yes, I had also spent a day last week in Chennai only to get a transit Visa to Germany. Now it all makes sense. I will be reaching Frankfurt on Friday early morning and my connecting flight is only at 10:20 Hrs at night. Reaching the new airport in Bangalore always gives me mixed reactions, the positive being the new look and the negative being the long distance that I need to cover now.
The Lufthansa flight reached Germany early morning 7:30 am. In the last one hour before landing I was lucky enough to speak to a gentleman sitting next to me, Sebastian who was from Frankfurt itself. He gave me a quick briefing on frankfurt and what i could do in this one day and what to see.

Once I got off the flight , I did the formalities and converted 100 USD to Euros. I thought that it should be sufficient for the day. Just down the aiport is the Rail station through which I took the RegionalTrains [ Mind you I was told not to take the fast trains , as it wouldnt stop at all the junctions] . Every point of time, I took help from different persons out there either to get the tickets or to ask for stop that I need to get down. I must say that most of them understood english and all were ready to help.

Once I reached the Hauptwache station, I was surprised by the loneliness at the station. I could hardly see anyone out there. Given the fact that it was Good Friday, it was a holiday and all shops were closed. But the lack of people on the otherwise roads made me a little uncomfortable, at the same time was a blessing in disguise. The clear roads made it convenient for me to travel as per my whims and go all over the road to take pictures.
This was the first picture that I took.

The deserted streets in the morning
From Frankfurt

From Frankfurt

As the day progressed the human traffic started to grow. I also took a small tour on the Cruise Ship. It was worth it and it kind of gave a complete view of Skyline of Frankfurt. I had only hoped that I could do that trip at night and take better pictures, but then there is always a next time.

From Frankfurt

From Frankfurt

From Frankfurt

The Skyline in Frankfurt, from the Cruise Ship
From Frankfurt

From Frankfurt

I particularly love this picture as it was wonderful to see one Ship overtaking another
From Frankfurt

Once the tour was over, Romerberg area, which was completely deserted in the morning seem to come off life. I suddenly felt better seeing the people, though there was none whom I knew, nor anyone knew me.
From Frankfurt

This is only picture that I managed to take of myself.
From Frankfurt

I kind of liked this table .
From Frankfurt

From Frankfurt

From Frankfurt

From Frankfurt

These are the cycle auto-rick shaws that one finds out there. The driver actually drive the cycles and take people on that. I guess this idea has been copied from India :)

From Frankfurt

From Frankfurt

Out this Ice Cream Parlor, I savoured the Ice-cream for a very very long time.
This is my favorite ice-cream brand.

From Frankfurt

After a few rounds of Romerberg, I decided to chose this place for settling down. Had an ice cream here again a Soda. It was indeed refreshing
From Frankfurt

I also started to write my blog here itself,pretending as if I am a traveler.

When I reached this placed, I really missed some company. It was a lovely place to sit and have a bite.
From Frankfurt

This is one of my favorite pics in Frankfurt
From Frankfurt

I guess this is the main office of DB
From Frankfurt

A lovely place to visit and knowing German is not at all a must to visit this place.
Though I was alone, I did have a nice time clicking all the the way to glory.