Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last Working Day

My Last working day in life has finally arrived.. After a journey which started off in Trivandrum in TCS, its finally come to an end. As Steve Jobs said in one of his speeches, the heavyness of being successfull was replaced by lightness of being a starter.. My lightness is somewhat similar to that. Its a new beginning to a new life. 8 years havent been easy , it was full of challenges , right from hectic schedules to do something for the firsttime every time..
Working for MNC's like Lucent, HP, Agilent, Portal and INTEC.. I have probably worked on the entire telecom domain, right from call processing to NMS to 3G wireless and finally the billing part. Probably touched all the "FCAPS" in telecom domain..

I really cant say that I wont miss software, I will.. but I will make up for it by working on it for what I want to rather than being asked to be done.. Its something like my love for photography.. I cant ever take it up as my proffession as thats something which has always been my hobby and making it an profession can take out all the juice in it..
Looking back these 8 years, I dont think that I would ever repent for NOT having spent that extra weekend or extra hours in office.. though I have spent many .. But I would definitely repent for not having spent those extra hours with my family, my friends, my friends wedding as some lousy work was waiting for me ..
Today I know I have taken a big decision in my life, but I know its for my betterment.. and this is what will give me my time and money freedom and most importantly give me the satisfaction for doing something which I always wanted to do, ie to help others.

This is something no money can even substitute.Its that "High" which can be only felt and cant be explained..
I have a question for each one of you reading this , ' Why are you doing what you are doing?' If your answer to this question is okay for you from your heart then you are doing great! .. else you still need to find the reason which will give you the satisfaction for what you are doing...

Do what you want to do in life rather than doing which someone else is asking you to do..
Finally what I can say is " Today is the first day of the remaining part of my life"

Go out , touch lives and bring a smile on others faces. No money can ever replace that satisfaction


Anonymous said...

I was about to close my RSS reader and start working when I stumbled on your new post. First, I am so happy to read that your are taking a blod step towards something exciting and mysterious. Congrats bro, it takes guts to quit the familiar and move towards the less-known. Good luck. And keep posting. Cheers. Jijesh
Hey, Happy DiWali, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasad, Sanjay Noronha from Intec here. Could not say good bye since am currently in Lucknow. Good to know that you are doing something close to your heart. I should be following you very shortly. Good luck and take care.

Anonymous said...

correction here..
last day of "employment", and prob the start of a long innings of real "work"..
its tough out there, so all the very best..